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Business Update!
JSW FabWorks is now Element Design & Fabrication based in Colorado!
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We started our fabrication business in the well test and instrumentation business. We know this business and we know the technology. We can manufacture every aspect of a separator package. We are also capable of making the most cost effective and functional spoolers, lubricators and sheaves available today. Our production equipment is AMSE certified and for our Canadian customers, we now offer vessels with CRN numbers and documentation. Mobile or permanent, we have a solution for you.
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We have the most up to date design and analysis software from AutoDesk. As a Clean Tech partner we utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), FEA, and stress analysis tools that goes beyond your typical analysis products. Our capabilities extend to AMSE coded designs for pressure vessels as well. Have an idea or concept that is traced out on a napkin? How about a prototype that you have built and want plans and analysis work done on? Give us a call and we will create these drawings and documents for you.
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With our knowledge of materials, married with our extensive functional knowledge of fabrication, we can make just about anything. We will turn an ordinary cargo trailer into a functional marketing tool for trade shows, product demos, and even mobile entertainment appliances. Our fabrication expertise has created store front signs and impactful marketing messages in metal, build suspension components for sports cars and off road vehicles and more. Give us a call to discuss what we can build for you. We love this stuff!

About Us

Element Design & Fab is a full service fabrication and design facility committed to the environment and doing things different. We believe that there are limited resources our environment around us has and the responsible use of these resources is crucial to the legacy we leave for future generations. We use materials and technologies that accomplish a very little carbon and environmental footprint. When recyclable materials are not available, we make every inch of new material count with little to no waste. Because of this drive and commitment, we are a proud partner with AutoDesk in their CleanTech program.
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Quality Commitment

Just because someone doesn't see an inside weld or closed panel is no excuse the give it any less attention than the exposed panels. Our favourite quote is, "look good while you are doing it". We take care to ensure every angle is cut right right and fits perfect, every weld is clean and smooth, and the final product exceeds the expectation of our customer. Our commitment is to deliver on our promises and take responsibility for our mistakes. We want you as our customer and want you back as a repeat customer. This can only be done by taking care of each order as if it was our only order.

Delivery Commitment

We are capable of servicing global markets and have customers who appreciate our ability to cater to their demanding international standards. We can ship anything from well testing packages to brackets to the UAE, South America and Canada. Our experience working with your logistics specialists and knowledge of international and customs clearance issues, we know what it takes to get the equipment from our shop to your operation in what ever area you operate in.