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Woodfired Cafe & Bar, Oklahoma City OK

During the renovation, Woodfired Cafe needed a look and feel that went with their “down to earth”, farm fresh ingedient cuisine. We used a combination of sealed weathered barn wood, leathers and steel to achieve this look. with over 15 tables, 6 benches and many chairs and bar stools, we spent 3 weeks manufacturing the peices and 1 day installing them and making sure they were ready for their first customer.

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Cutter Steak House & Bar, Salt Lake City UT

Cutter’s new restaurant wanted a higher class of customer and needed a modern and classy environment for thier clientelle. We created all the lighting and tables to be elegant but still embody the look of vintage industrial. We used copper and hammered iron for harder indsutrial texture but softened the seating areas, bar, hostess station with elegant velvets, tapestires, and suedes. It is truely our sexiest creations to date.

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JSW FabWorks Industial Equipment, Conroe TX

JSW FabWorks wanted some class to the typical look of industrial equipment. We redesigned their current cable spooler without sacrificing the functionality. It was cleansed up, paneled, and powder coated to using in trade shows, displays and have a commanding look on oil and gas sites around the DJ basin.

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Probe Technology Services, Houston TX

When Probe moved into there new office space it was your typical tan walled, dropped ceiling office space you would expect. We introduced stone, still and leathers to soften the space and create modern but vintage look you would expect from a mountain lodge.

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Residence Dining Room, Montgomery TX

Our client asked us for a furniture piece that would fit with the look of their new house and be a table that would last the life of the kids and their kids kids. We used reclaimed wood, velvet upholstery, vintage rugs and steel to create this look. We also created pieces like lighting, picture frames, and a distressed mirror to complete the look of the dining room.

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Office Tower Lobby, Salt Lake City, UT

Mask Flowers in Utah called and asked us for a complete overhaul of their preparation area when amazing flower creations are made everyday for local hotels and restaurants. We used cast iron finials and leaves commonly used on fence fabrication and repurposed them into stunning prep tables and stool. We also created a steel and wood inspired pieces for their show room.

Quality Commitment

Element Design & Fab is a full service fabrication and design facility committed to the environment and doing things different. We use automation and smart manufacturing. With a metal shop, wood shop and upholstery shop in house, we have full control over quality. Anything we make will last. Thats our promise to you.

Delivery Commitment

We service customers from the east coast to the west. Our shop is strategically located near Denver, Colorado and we are the installers and service everything sell. Once the pieces are manufactured in our shop, we load up our trailer and head to your business. Because we are the only ones that touch your pieces from start to finish, there is only one person to call.